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With Tamara, pay for your purchases in 3 easy installments


Flexible payment plan


Purchase Limit Up to 2500 AED

What is Tamara?

Tamara enables you to shop without your budget suffering!

Tamara gives you the freedom to pay in monthly installments.

You know exactly what you'll need to pay and when you'll need to pay it. Zero-interest! We accept all credit and debit cards!

How do Tamara installments work?

Very easy. You shop the same way you always do, and when you reach the payment page, choose pay in installments with tamara and pay 1/3 of the total during the checkout process, with the rest split over 2 equal monthly installments. No fees when you pay on time.

What is the amount limit to using Tamara?

You can use tamara for purchases over AED 99 and up to AED 2500.

Can tamara be used to purchase all products in installments?

Yes, you can purchase any product in installments through Tamara.

What payment methods are accepted by Tamara?

Tamara accepts all Visa & MasterCards.

Is Tamara free to use?

It is! tamara does not charge interest or fees for any payments made on time.